I believe that in order to tell great a story, it is best to start from the beginning. So I'll be taking you back in time to June 10th, 2018. My one friend I met in a college course, Gianmarco (AKA Marco/ @gianmarcobp), hit me up asking me to come with him and his other friend, Jon Etienne (@etiennesu), on a trip to Maine from June 29th-July 3rd. I wasn't too sure if I wanted go but started envisioning how it could turn out if I did. As days went by in mid June, I began asking myself "why not?" or "what is holding me back?". After questioning myself for a couple days, I finally found the answer. Yes.
On June 29th @ 2:45 AM, we packed our bags and hit the road for an 18 hour long drive from Pennsylvania to Northern Maine
Most of the drive of was sleeping, but when waking up, I would be in a different state than when I went to sleep in
Decided last minute to drive an extra couple hours so we could cruise though Mt. Washington (tallest mountain on the East coast)
Entered Baxter State Park and pulled off to the side for some crazy scenes so early on in the park (Yeah thats a moose)
Finally arrived on our campsite @ 8:30 PM
We finished the day off with a campfire and some long exposures. I've never been so happy for canned food that night
We planned on hiking up some small trails for the next day
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